St. Croix Brewing Company

~ Where You'll Find History in a Pint ~

Our roots begin with the original St. Croix Brewing Company founded in 1858 in the birthplace of Minnesota -- Stillwater. Today, the St. Croix Brewing Company celebrates that heritage and the legacy of Stillwater's oldest standing building, the Brunswick House -- where St. Croix Brewing Company & Public House will soon call home.

We look forward to having you at our independent, family-owned and operated brewery soon.

There will be beer and there will be history!

Our Beers

Since 2003 when St. Croix Brewing Company was reborn, we have brewed award-winning, handcrafted, small batch ales - the perfect accompaniment for a day on or along the St. Croix River.

St. Croix Cream Ale, an award winning cream ale and one of the top rated cream ales in the world. St. Croix Cream Ale salutes American brewing craftsmanship made popular in the 1800s and was first brewed to honor our 10th anniversary. This brew is a golden ale at heart featuring three barley malts, which create light creaminess and a touch of sweetness.

St. Croix Creamy Brown, a southern English-style brown ale and our take on the London brown ale. St. Croix Creamy Brown layers five malt varieties and oats with English ale yeast for creamy silkiness and dark toffee-like richness. Cluster hops create mild bitterness and a dose of East Kent Golding contributes to its full flavor.

St. Croix Cream Stout, inspired by the billows of smoke rising from the St. Croix River’s steamboats of yesteryear. St. Croix Cream Stout blends six malt varieties, notably chocolate malt, with generous portions of roasted barley and a touch of hearty oats.

While we transform the Brunswick House into the future home of St. Croix Brewing Company & Public House, we invite you to visit Stillwater - the birthplace of Minnesota. You'll find authentic paddle wheel riverboats and gondolas gliding the St. Croix River. Or, stop by Historic Main Street for shopping, dining, lodging and entertainment in this charming river town where time stands still.